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What Is Corporate Espionage?

From someone planting an employee within your Huntington company to steal proprietary information to diving through company dumpsters or bugging your systems—it’s all corporate espionage. Corporate espionage is the act of one company using surveillance tactics to collect information that can be used as leverage against their business competitors. Often times, this act is illegal and can have severe repercussions.

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Historically, businesses in the technology industry have always been most vulnerable to corporate espionage, and the same rings true today. Foreign and domestic companies alike will often try to infiltrate a competitor. Even governments will employ corporate espionage tactics—in 2010, the Chinese infiltrated Google’s networks in an attack known as Operation Aurora.

As New York businesses become increasingly paperless, much corporate espionage has occurred in the form of cyber attacks or recovering data from old hard drives. Yet the physical theft of documents and collecting of information from confidential files is also still a common occurrence, as businesses become more lazy in their shredding practices.
It’s critical that your business keeps up to date on vulnerabilities to corporate espionage and the best practices to prevent it from happening to you. 

How to Safeguard Your Huntington Business From Corporate Espionage

There are several strategies you can implement in order to protect yourself from corporate espionage—the first and foremost being smart about your business’ waste. Carefully considering how and where documents and hard drives are disposed of should be the first strategy you strengthen in arming yourself against corporate espionage, as digging through carelessly disposed information is the easiest way for an infiltrator to gain access to it. 

Shredding documents and destroying hard drives before a mole can gain access to the information requires a much higher level of technical skill, eliminating street criminals and low-level employees from ever having a chance to steal information from your business. 

Enlist in Shredding Services to Protect Your Business Against Corporate Espionage!

New York businesses that do not use consistent shredding services are much more vulnerable to corporate espionage. Contacting Huntington Shredding Service about what shredding services might be best for you is just the first step in protecting yourself from thieves. Don’t let your business be derailed by a malicious attack—contact Huntington Shredding Service today!For more information about mobile shreddingoff-site shredding, or hard drive shredding, simply fill out the form to the left or call us today at (631) 899-9175.

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