Huntington Shredding Service

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Huntington Shredding Service
 is dedicated to providing you with a secure and cost-effective shredding solution. One call and you will be connected with shredding services for your business or home. We understand the need to protect your sensitive information and comply with New York and federal privacy laws. A shredding service can help reduce your exposure to risk.

About Huntington Shredding Service

Huntington Shredding Service offers different shredding service options designed to meet your needs at reasonable rates. Wherever you are in Huntington, we will help you meet your security needs for the amount of paperwork you need destroyed. 

If you need to witness the shredding, our contractors can bring in a shredding truck and perform the shredding right at your location. Otherwise, they send a truck to you to pick up your documents, and shred them at a secure New York facility. With our shredding options, you get a service that will not only protect your private information but keep you in compliance with local and federal privacy laws.

We are prepared to exceed your destruction needs at any level. Shredding doesn't have to be difficult—we'll walk you through the process.
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Shredding Services in Huntington

We understand how unique each shredding job can be. That's why we partner with providers that offer a variety of services to meet your shredding needs. Here's a look at some of these services:
  • Mobile Shredding: Shredding trucks visit your location and destroy your confidential papers on site. Mobile shredding allows you to witness you documents being destroyed.
  • Off-Site Shredding: Security personnel pick up the papers at your location and take them to a secure Huntington shredding facility to be destroyed.
  • Hard Drive Shredding: Information stored on hard drives risk causing a data breach. Even if you think you've deleted your files, data can still be recovered from a discarded hard drive. Our partners destroy your hard drives and melt them down for recycling so that your safety is without question.
Whether you’re looking for a one-time service or a regularly scheduled service, we are prepared to meet your needs. Scheduling options include:
  • One-time Purge Service: This service works well for those who only have one or occasional shredding projects. 
  • Ongoing Service: This service is convenient for those who have weekly, monthly, or quarterly shredding requirements. You are given free, locked shredding bins for you to store your documents in until your shredding company visits your New York location at the regularly scheduled time to shred your documents. 

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We make it our top priority to provide you with flexible, affordable, and trustworthy New York based services. Whether you're looking for mobile shredding, off site shredding, or hard drive shredding, we'll provide you with the right service that best suits your security interests. 

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